Wildland fire science needs in Oregon and Washington
Document Type: Report
Author(s): Autumn Ellison; Chad Kooistra; Michael R. Coughlan; Geoffrey Johnson
Publication Year: 2019

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he Northwest Fire Science Consortium (Con-sortium) works to accelerate the awareness, understanding, and adoption of wildland fire science by connecting users in the Pacific North-west with the most useful resources available. These efforts require an ongoing understanding of how users access wildland fire science, the chal-lenges and opportunities that they experience in using different types of research, and topics where more information is needed. Previous research, in-cluding a prior assessment by the Consortium in 2011,1 has highlighted the importance of local or regionally-relevant information among fire science users. In this assessment, conducted in 2018, we sought to update the needs assessment conducted in 2011 while investigating topics where local re-search was most needed. The specific objectives were to: 1.Characterize wildland fire science use among Consortium users; 2.Understand Consortium users’ perspectives about applying local and nonlocal research in their work; 3.Identify the place-specific research needs of Consortium users; 4.Develop recommendations to help guide the Consortium in outreach efforts.

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Ellison, Autumn; Kooistra, Chad; Coughlan, Michael R.; Johnson, Geoffrey. 2019. Wildland fire science needs in Oregon and Washington. Northwest Fire Science Consortium. 32 p.