Team Lead(s):
  • Donna Tate
    US Forest Service, Fire and Aviation Management
Support Contact(s):
  • Interagency Incident Applications (IIA) HelpDesk
Lead Agency:
  • National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG)
Host Agency:
  • US Forest Service, Fire and Aviation Management

Cataloging Information

  • e-ISuite
  • I-Suite
  • IAP - incident action plan
  • ICARS - Incident Cost Accounting and Reporting, System
  • IRSS - Incident Resource Status System
  • ITS - Incident Time System
  • ROSS - Resource Ordering and Status System
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Record Last Modified: August 22, 2019
FRAMES Record Number: 58475


e-ISuite is a software program used to manage incident resources. The e-ISuite system is a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) enabled application for use at the Incident Command Post (ICP) and in agency offices to manage emergency incidents and planned events. No software licenses are required to use e-ISuite. A web browser is all each user will need to run the application.

There are two areas of use for the e-ISuite system: e-ISuite Enterprise and e-ISuite Site.

The e-ISuite Enterprise System is hosted on the USFS Fire and Aviation Management National Enterprise Support System (NESS) General Support System (GSS) at the National Information Technology Center (NITC), Kansas City, MO and will support all incidents at an enterprise level.

The e-ISuite Site version will be hosted on a server at an incident site. Data can be transferred between Enterprise and Site using files created and saved to a local computer or portable media device.

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