Progess report: Nulato Hills caribou/reindeer habitat mapping project
Document Type: Report
Author(s): Michael Hinkes; Kevin Meyer
Publication Year: 1983

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  • caribou
  • habitat
  • Nulato Hills
  • reindeer
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From background: 'Historically, reindeer have been grazed in several areas of the Nulato Hills Planning Area, with herds being operated out of Unalakleet, Stebbins, and Andreafsky. However, these herds have since been eliminated or abandoned. Recently there has been renewed interest in reestablishing reindeer grazing and new grazing applications for this area are expected in the foreseeable future. However, very little work has been completed on caribou/reindeer habitat utilization of potential use in the Nulato Hills. The Nulato Hills Caribou/Reindeer Habitat Mapping Project once completed will provide information on the location and quantity of habitat suitable for providing the habitat requirements of caribou and reindeer. This data will also provide a basis for intensive forage productions and utilization inventories at a future date. The habitat mapping effort is identified as Phase 2 of the program plan for the Nulato Hills Caribou/Reindeer Habitat Utilization Inventory (Appendix A). Refer to this appendix for more detailed information on the Nulato Hills Project. This mapping effort also supports the proposed multi-resource inventory described in the 1982-1985 Four Year Authorization (Appendix B).'

Hinkes, Michael; Meyer, Kevin. 1983. Progess report: Nulato Hills caribou/reindeer habitat mapping project. U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, Anchorage District Office. Anchorage, Alaska. 56 pp.