Rangeland Forecasting Tool
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  • Leonardo Frid
    Apex Resource Management Solutions Ltd.
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  • Lori Bammerlin
    Great Plains Fire Science Exchange
  • Great Plains Fire Science Exchange
Date: May 7, 2019

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  • agent-based models
  • grazing
  • range management
  • state and transition model
  • succession
  • SyncroSim
  • transition models
  • vegetation types
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Range management is like being a trial lawyer: you need all the evidence you can get to help you make decisions how your management and production objectives may need to change. State-and-transition simulation models are a general tool that can be used to forecast changes in vegetation across landscapes in diverse ecosystems. This webinar will give an overview of what state-and-transition simulation models are; describe the software tools available to develop and use them; and present case study applications specifically geared towards rangeland issues such as grazing rates, fire and invasive plants. The webinar was presented by Leonardo Frid of Apex Resource Management Solutions Ltd. ( Leonardo has been developing tools for ecological forecasting and training others to use them over the last 17 years. He has worked in various ecological settings from rangelands to forests across North America.

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