USFS Fuel Treatment Effectiveness Review of the Canyon Creek Complex on the Malheur National Forest
Media Type: Webinar
Date: June 24, 2016

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  • Canyon Creek Fire
  • extreme fire behavior
  • fuel reduction projects
  • fuel treatment effectiveness
  • fuel treatments
  • Malheur National Forest
  • northeastern Oregon
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Record Last Modified: April 16, 2019
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A national review team reports on their findings after conducting an assessment of the effectiveness of a variety of fuel reduction projects and treatments encountered by the 2015 Canyon Creek Complex.
This report looks at three basic questions:

  • Are forest projects being prioritized effectively?
  • Did the treatments perform as planned?
  • How can the forest improve future treatments?

The analysis and discussion presented here are put in the context of the drought and adverse weather conditions experienced during the fire event. As the team presenter Frankie Romero explains early in the video, many of the treatment areas were burned during four major growth periods experienced during the Canyon Creek Complex.  "Three of those big days occurred during that 3% of the most extreme conditions that [the nearby Fall Mountain] weather station has witnessed between 1978 and 2015." These fuels treatments were not designed for such extreme fire behavior.  Despite the severe conditions, there are lessons learned through these findings that will be applied to improve planning and implementation for future projects across the Malheur and other forest service units.

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