Wildland Firefighter Smoke Exposure and Risk of Lung Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease Mortality
Media Type: Webinar
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  • Megan Keville
    University of Montana
  • Northern Rockies Fire Science Network
Date: March 21, 2019

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  • firefighter exposure
  • firefighters
  • health impacts
  • human health
  • PAH - polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
  • PM - particulate matter
  • PM2.5
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Wildland firefighters are exposed to wood smoke, which contains hazardous air pollutants, during wildland fire management assignments across the U.S. each year. In this webinar, Kathleen Navarro, PhD, will present on a recent Joint Fire Science Program study estimating the lifetime risk of lung cancer and cardiovascular disease from exposure to particulate matter (PM) from smoke. This analysis combined measured PM exposures on wildfires, estimated wildland firefighter breathing rates, and an exposure disease relationship for PM to estimate mortality of lung cancer and cardiovascular disease mortality from lifetime exposure to PM. In addition, Zone Fuels AFMO, Megan Martinez, will review previous smoke research, as well as field-based experiences with successes and challenges of implementing smoke exposure mitigations.

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