What is FIRETEC (and why should I care)?
Document Type: Journal Article
Author(s): James H. Furman ; Rodman R. Linn
Publication Year: 2018

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Current fire spread models are inadequate for predicting the complex infuences of atmosphere, forest structure, and self-generating fire processes on wildland fire behavior. FIRETEC is a physics-based, three-dimensional computer code developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) to capture the constantly changing, interactive relationship between wildland fire and its environment (fg. 1; Linn 1997; Linn and others 2003). To accurately represent interactive fire processes, FIRETEC combines physics models that represent combustion, heat transfer, aerodynamic drag, and turbulence with a computational fuid-dynamic model, HIGRAD, which represents airfow and its adjustments to terrain, vegetation, and the fire itself.

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Furman, James H.; Linn, Rodman R. 2018. What is FIRETEC (and why should I care)? Fire Management Today 76(3):33-36.

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