The Joint Fire Science Program: an effective knowledge broker
Document Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Rebecca A. Smith; Martha E. Lee
Publication Year: 2018

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  • fire science delivery
  • information sharing
  • JFSP - Joint Fire Science Program
  • knowledge transfer
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A knowledge broker is an organization or individual that translates and disseminates esearch findings to working professionals (Konijnendijk 2004). Knowledge brokers participate in a variety of activities, including translating, spreading and commissioning research, and packaging science to meet the preferences of their readers (Cheng and others 2008; Ward and others 2009). The goal of knowledge brokering is to help individuals acquire new information and suggest ways of using new information in their decision making and practices (Michaels 2009). The Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) is a knowledge broker that distributes current, credible, and useful information to fire professionals.

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Smith, Rebecca A.; Lee, Martha E. 2018. The Joint Fire Science Program: an effective knowledge broker. Fire Management Today 76(2):23-26.