Co-managing Wildfire: Conversations you need to Have Right Now
Media Type: Webinar
  • Branda L. Nowell
    North Carolina State University
  • Great Plains Fire Science Exchange
Date: October 25, 2018

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  • co-management
  • comanagement
  • complexity
  • fire management
  • fire organization
  • GACC - Geographic Area Coordination Center
  • interagency collaboration
  • jurisdiction
  • jurisdictionally complex
  • land management
  • multi-jurisdictional fire management
  • risk perception
  • tactics
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Branda Nowell, Associate Professor, Ph.D. Michigan State University, is an organizational-community psychologist specializing in inter-organizational relationships, social networks, and community capacity for multi-agent collaboration and coordination within complex problem domains. She teaches courses in organizational behavior, change management, organizational theory, and program evaluation. As an interdisciplinary scholar, she integrates community and organizational psychology with public management to better understand community-based networks of public and nonprofit agencies working in a common problem domain. In 2017 we saw numerous wildfires move cross across the American landscape, many traversing three or more jurisdictions. Co-management has been proposed as a guiding concept for operating effectively in what appears to be a new interjurisdictional wildfire-world order. Sounds great, right? But how do we get there?

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