Fuel model guide to Alaska vegetation 2008
Document Type: Report
Author(s): Brad Cella; Jennifer L. Barnes; Peter Butteri; Frank V. Cole; Michael D. Fleming; Kato Howard; John Koltun; Gene Long; Parker Martyn; Karen A. Murphy; Erin K. Noonan; Jan Passek; Joe H. Scott; John W. See; Kent W. Slaughter; Brian Sorbel; Skip Theisen
Publication Year: 2008

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  • Alaska Vegetation Classification
  • fuel models
  • vegetation characteristics
  • vegetation types
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During 2007, an interagency group of participants went through the 80+ Level IV classifications within the Viereck and others (1992) Alaska Vegetation Classification in order to develop a crosswalk between the classification and the Scott and Burgan (2005) fire behavior fuel models, the 13 original models (Albini 1976, Anderson 1982), and the Canadian fuel models (Forestry Canada Fire Danger Group 1992). For each Level IV vegetation class, the participants discussed the fuel characteristics, vegetation structure and observed fire behavior. Following that discussion, the participants identified which of fuel model best provided the best fit, using a variety of fire modeling tools to aid the process. Many level IV classes were lumped together into a single class for purposes of identifying a fuel model. In such cases, vegetation characteristics suggested that a distinct vegetation class did not necessarily indicate the need for a separate fuel model. A few vegetation classes needed to be split to accommodate fire behavior at different seral stages or in different seasons. The crosswalk produced includes 56 distinct fuel types. In January 2008, the Alaska Wildland Fire Coordinating Group officially endorsed the crosswalk between the Viereck and others vegetation classes and the three fuel model sets.

New version here: 2018 Updated Fuel Model Guide

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Cella, Brad; Allen, Jennifer L.; Butteri, Peter; Cole, Frank V.; Fleming, Michael D.; Howard, Kato; Koltun, John; Long, Gene; Martyn, Parker; Murphy, Karen A.; Noonan-Wright, Erin; Passek, Jan; Scott, Joe H.; See, John W.; Slaugher, Kent; Sorbel, Brian; Theisen, Skip. 2008. Fuel model guide to Alaska vegetation. Anchorage, AK: US Fish and Wildlife Service. 75 p.

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