FireWorks for the Northern Rocky Mountains and Northern Cascades - H01: Introduction to Wildland Fire in the Northern Rocky Mountains and North Cascades
Course Type: FireWorks activities
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Author(s): FireWorks Educational Program
  • Ilana L. Abrahamson
    US Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Fire, Fuel, and Smoke Science Program
Date Created: June 8, 2018

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  • ecosystem
  • Yellowstone Fires of 1988
  • Yellowstone National Park
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Lesson Overview: Students consider their thoughts and feelings about wildland fire before and after a photo presentation. Then, using a reading activity, students read and analyze a chapter from a book about the fires of 1988 in Yellowstone National Park.

Lesson Goal: Increase students’ understanding that wildland fire is a complicated process, has complicated effects, and may generate complicated feelings.



  • Students can use images to make observations and inferences about wildland fire.
  • Students can describe and discuss information about the impacts of the 1988 fires in Yellowstone National Park.