Alaska Interagency Fire Effects Task Group (FETG) Fire Effects Monitoring Protocol
Document Type: Report
Author(s): Alaska Interagency Fire Effects Task Group
Editor(s): Jennifer L. Barnes; Karen A. Murphy; Randi R. Jandt
Publication Year: 2007

Cataloging Information

  • active layer
  • burn severity
  • CBI - composite burn index
  • downed woody fuel
  • duff depth
  • Fire Monitoring Handbook
  • FIREMON - Fire Effects Monitoring and Inventory Protocol
  • forest floor depth
  • shrub density
  • tree crown measurements
  • tree density
  • tree height measurements
  • tree measurements
  • vegetation cover
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This document provides basic protocols to monitor and inventory Alaska fuels and/or fire effects. This protocol provides sampling guidance to meet common fire effects monitoring objectives; however, each project lead should consider how well this protocol meets specific project objectives. It may be necessary to include additional methods, or to drop some of the methods here in order to meet your project's objectives. These guidelines for monitoring wildland fires, prescribed fires and mechanical treatments were developed in consultation with the Interagency Alaska Fire Effects Task Group (FETG), NPS Fire Monitoring Handbook, and USFS FIREMON methods. The first link below is for the monitoring protocol and the second link is for the data sheets.

Online Link(s):
Link to this document (450 KB; protocol; pdf)
Link to this document (575 KB; data sheets; doc)
Alaska Interagency Fire Effects Task Group. 2007. Fire Effects Monitoring Protocol - version 1.0 (includes data sheet templates). Eds: J. Allen, K. Murphy and R. Jandt. Anchorage, AK: Alaska Wildland Fire Coordinating Group. 43 p.