Getting Ready for the Fire Season: Alaska Fire Modeling Refresher
Media Type: Webinar
  • Chris Moore
    Bureau of Land Management, Alaska Fire Service
  • Robert Ziel
    University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • Lisa B. Saperstein
    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Alaska Regional Office
Distribution Contact(s):
  • Alaska Fire Science Consortium
Date: May 3, 2018

Cataloging Information

  • AFSC - Alaska Fire Science Consortium
  • BUI - CFFDRS Buildup Index
  • duff moisture
  • elevation
  • FFMC - CFFDRS Fine Fuel Moisture Code
  • fire growth
  • fire spread
  • FSPro - Fire Spread Probability
  • fuel moisture
  • model calibration
  • Nelson's dead fuel moisture model
  • NTFB - Near-term Fire Behavior
  • STFB - Short-term Fire Behavior Module
  • WFDSS - Wildland Fire Decision Support System
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Organized by the AWFCG Fire Modeling & Analysis Committee (FMAC), this webinar is meant to help listeners get ready for the upcoming fire season in Alaska. Speakers and topics included: Chris Moore on 2017 Fire Modeling Case Studies (AKA "Have you considered elevation in your fire modeling?"); Robert (Zeke) Ziel on tweaking the hourly fuel moistures in NTFB and STFB to account for high Nelson fuel moisture estimates; Lisa Saperstein on the Alaska Fuel Model Guide Update.

Recording Length: 1:19:59
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