An unmanned aircraft system for automatic forest fire monitoring and measurement
Document Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Luis Merino; Fernando Caballero; J. Ramiro Martínez-de-Dios; Iván Maza; Anibal Ollero
Publication Year: 2012

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  • cooperative perception
  • fire fighting
  • Spain
  • UAS - Unmanned Aircraft System
  • International
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The paper presents an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS), consisting of several aerial vehicles and a central station, for forest fire monitoring. Fire monitoring is defined as the computation in real-time of the evolution of the fire front shape and potentially other parameters related to the fire propagation, and is very important for forest fire fighting. The paper shows how an UAS can automatically obtain this information by means of on-board infrared or visual cameras. Moreover, it is shown how multiple aerial vehicles can collaborate in this application, allowing to cover bigger areas or to obtain complementary views of a fire. The paper presents results obtained in experiments considering actual controlled forest fires in quasi-operational conditions, involving a fleet of three vehicles, two autonomous helicopters and one blimp.

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Merino, Luis; Caballero, Fernando; Martínez-de-Dios, J. Ramiro; Maza, Iván; Ollero, Aníbal. 2012. An unmanned aircraft system for automatic forest fire monitoring and measurement. Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems 65(1-4):533-548.