Charts for interpreting wildland fire behavior characteristics
Document Type: Report
Author(s): Patricia L. Andrews; Richard C. Rothermel
Publication Year: 1982

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  • energy
  • fire danger rating
  • fire intensity
  • fire management planning
  • fire spread
  • fire weather
  • flame length
  • fuel types
  • heat
  • NFDRS - National Fire Danger Rating System
  • rate of spread
  • season of fire
  • statistical analysis
  • visual effects
  • wilderness fire management
  • wildfires
  • wildland fuels
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The fire characteristics chart is proposed as a graphical method of presenting two primary characteristics of fire behavior: spread rate and intensity. Its primary use is communicating and interpreting either site-specific predictions of fire behavior or National Fire-Danger Rating System (NF3RS) indexes and components. Rate of spread, heat per unit area, flame length, and fireline intensity are plotted on a fire behavior chart. Spread component, energy release component, and burning index are plotted on an NFDRS chart. Specific examples illustrate use of a fire characteristics chart in conjunction with fire prescriptions, fire behavior forecasts, fire .management plans, and briefings. The equations used in creating the charts are given; and a method of obtaining heat per unit area from fire behavior nomograms is illustrated.

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Andrews, Patricia L.; Rothermel, Richard C. 1982. Charts for interpreting wildland fire behavior characteristics. General Technical Report INT-GTR-131. Ogden, UT: USDA Forest Service, Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station. 21 p.

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