Our changing planet: The FY 1999 U.S. Global Change Research Program
Document Type: Report
Author(s): Lou Brown; Cheryl Eavey; Richard Greenfield; Eric Itsweire; Anthony C. Janetos; Jack A. Kaye; Ants Leetmaa; Joel Levy; Michael C. MacCracken; Les Meredith; Lynn Mortensen; Richard Moss; Rick Piltz; Robert Schiffer
Publication Year: 1998

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  • climate change
  • climate research
  • global climate
  • human impacts
  • international
  • US Global Change Research Program
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Our Changing Planet: The FY 1999 Global Change Research Program is a report to Congress supplementing the President's FY99budget, pursuant to the Global Change Research Act of 1990. The report describes the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP); presents highlights of recent and ongoing scientific research on key global change issues; presents highlights of current developments in integrating activities supported by the USGCRP; outlines a National Assessment of the Consequences of Climate Change for the United States, initiated as a core USGCRP activity; and provides a detailed view of the FY99 USGCRP budget, including FY99 program components and program highlights by agency. Achieving the goals of this program will require continued strong support for the scientific research needed to improve understanding of how human activities are affecting the global environment, and of how natural and human-induced change is affecting society.

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Brown, Lou; Eavey, Cheryl; Greenfield, Richard; Itsweire, Eric; Janetos, Anthony C.; Kaye, Jack; Leetmaa, Ants; Levy, Joel; MacCracken, Michael C.; Meredith, Les; Mortensen, Lynn; Moss, Richard; Piltz, Rick; Schiffer, Robert. 1998. Our changing planet: The FY 1999 U.S. Global Change Research Program. U.S. Global Change Research Information Office. University Center, Michigan. 130 pp.