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  • InterfaceSouth - Centers for Urban and Interface Forestry
Funding Source(s):
  • US Forest Service, Southern Research Station

In December 2002, the Southern Research Station and Southern Region of the USDA Forest Service completed an assessment of the research, technology, and education issues that confront the wildland-urban interface in the South, titled 'Human Influences on Forest Ecosystems: The Southern Wildland-Urban Interface Assessment.' This assessment has demonstrated that potential users-from urban planners to natural resource managers-need access to new information, technology, and skills that will help them meet the challenges of working and living in the interface. The Forest Service, in partnership with the Southern Group of State Foresters and the University of Florida's School of Forest Resources and Conservation, established the Southern Center for Wildland-Urban Interface Research and Information in Gainesville, FL in January 2002. Activities of the Center present an immediate Forest Service response to critical findings of the Southern Wildland-Urban Interface Assessment and the Southern Forest Resource Assessment . The initial focus of the Center is on research and technology transfer needed to address fire in the wildland-urban interface in the South. The center's goal is to develop, apply, and exchange information about critical interface issues, serving a diverse audience of natural resource professionals, private forest land and homeowners, planning departments, local policy-makers, and much more. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, the center will expand its focus in future years to include social, economic, policy, land use planning, and forest resource management issues. The Center's website, Interface South, serves to provide needed information, facilitate exchange of ideas and opportunities, and link people and projects dealing with wildland-urban interface issues. Objectives are to: (1) Address the growing need for wildland - urban interface research and information by natural resource professionals, home and landowners, lanners, developers, scientists, and the general public. (2) Serve as a clearinghouse of information about wildland-urban interface issues. (3) Promote dialogue about and heighten awareness of interface issues among practitioners, researchers, and the public.

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