Natural fire management in national parks
Document Type: Journal Article
Author(s): David J. Parsons; David M. Graber; James K. Agee; Jan W. van Wagtendonk
Publication Year: 1986

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  • fire management
  • National Park Service
  • natural fire
  • resource management policy
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An evolving understanding of ecological processes, together with ambiguities in National Park Service policy, have led to multiple interpretations of the role of management in our large natural area National Parks. National Park Service management policies must be dynamic and responsive to changes in scientific knowledge and societal values. We propose that the principal aim of NPS resource management in natural areas is the unimpeded interaction of native ecosystem processes and structural elements. The case of the changing role of natural fire management is used as an example in developing this rationale.

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Parsons, David J.; Graber, David M.; Agee, James K.; Van Wagtendonk, Jan W. 1986. Natural fire management in national parks. Environmental Management 10(1):21-24.