Monitoring boreal forests by using imaging radars
Document Type: Book Chapter
Author(s): Eric S. Kasischke; Laura L. Bourgeau-Chavez; Nancy H. F. French; Peter A. Harrell
Editor(s): Eric S. Kasischke; Brian J. Stocks
Publication Year: 2000

Cataloging Information

  • biomass
  • boreal forests
  • Canada
  • carbon
  • cover
  • disturbance
  • ecosystem dynamics
  • experimental areas
  • forest management
  • moisture
  • New York
  • remote sensing
  • soil moisture
  • statistical analysis
  • vegetation surveys
  • wetlands
  • wildfires
  • woody plants
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From the Summary (p.343-344) ... 'Radar imagery is an important source of data for monitoring specific processes and surface characteristics in boreal forests. As with other sources of remotely sensed data, radar imagery can efficiently provide certain types of information, whereas other information may best be provided by other means, either through ground surveys or other remote sensing systems. Of particular importance in fire and carbon cycling in boreal forests are imaging radars' unique capabilities to (1) detect differences in aboveground woody biomass (for monitoring forest regrowth); (2) detect the levels of inundation in wetland ecosystems (for improving estimates of rates of methane/carbon dioxide fluxes); and (3) monitor variations in soil moisture in fire-disturbed regions (for improving mapping of fire boundaries as well as estimating seasonal/spatial patterns of soil respiration).' © 2000 Springer-Verlag New York, Inc.

Kasischke, E. S., L. L. BourgeauChavez, N. H. F. French, and P. A. Harrell. 2000. Monitoring boreal forests by using imaging radars, in ES Kasischke and BJ Stocks eds., Fire, climate change, and carbon cycling in the boreal forest. New York, Springer-Verlag, Ecological Studies; 138, p. 331-346.