Biomass of jack pine and mixed hardwood stands in northeastern New Brunswick
Document Type: Journal Article
Author(s): D. A. MacLean; R. W. Wein
Publication Year: 1976

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  • age classes
  • biomass
  • Canada
  • diameter classes
  • distribution
  • fire management
  • foliage
  • forest management
  • New Brunswick
  • nutrient cycling
  • pine hardwood forests
  • Pinus banksiana
  • post fire recovery
  • roots
  • size classes
  • wildfires
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From the Introduction ... ''Dry matter distribution has been examined in a variety of forest ecosystems in the last few years. Information provided in such studies is valuable for a number of uses, such as evaluating the effects of whole-tree utilization, in quantitative ecological studies, and in nutrient-cycling and energy-flow studies. Hegyi (1972) presents examples of biomass work resulting from these different objectives.A series of pure jack pine (Pinus banksiana Lamb.) and mixed hardwood stands of fire origin and age range of 7 to 57 years in northeastern New Brunswick has been studies to determine biomass accumulation as the forest recovers after fire. The purposes of the present paper are (1) to present allometric equations for dry matter distribution in eight tree species and (2) to present the aboveground tree biomass (excluding roots) of 12 jack pine stands and 11 mixed hardwood stands.' © 1976 National Research Council of Canada, NCR Research Press. Abstract reproduced by permission.

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MacLean, D. A., and R. W. Wein. 1976. Biomass of jack pine and mixed hardwood stands in northeastern New Brunswick. Canadian Journal of Forest Research, v. 6, no. 4, p. 441-447.