Chemicals for forest fire fighting: a report of the NFPA Forest Committee
Document Type: Book
Publication Year: 1967

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  • brush
  • chemical compounds
  • fire control
  • fire equipment
  • fire management
  • fire protection
  • fire retardants
  • fire suppression
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From the Preface ... 'This text updates and expands the information contained in the first edition published by the National Fire Protection Association in 1963. The material included is the result of six years of study and compilation of research reports and field experience concerning the use of chemicals in forest fire fighting. It was prepared under the direction of the NFPA Forest Committee and has been approved by that Committee as a report of progress in this specialized field. Although it cannot be considered as a technical standard of the National Fire Protection Association, it should provide valuable guidance to all persons and agencies interested in forest fire control, including those industries whose production and properties can be seriously affected by forest, brush, and other outdoor fires.' © 1967 National Fire Protection Association.

Chemicals for forest fire fighting: a report of the NFPA Forest Committee. 1967. Boston, MA, National Fire Protection Association.