Solute dynamics in soil water and groundwater in a central Amazon catchment undergoing deforestation
Document Type: Journal
Author(s): Michael R. Williams ; Thomas R. Fisher ; John M. Melack
Publication Year: 1997

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  • agriculture
  • Amazon
  • Amazon
  • Brazil
  • deforestation
  • deforestation
  • erosion
  • forest management
  • groundwater
  • hydrologic pathway
  • hydrology
  • nitrogen
  • nitrogen
  • permeability
  • phosphorus
  • precipitation
  • rainforest
  • rainforests
  • slash and burn
  • slash-and-burn agriculture
  • soil moisture
  • soils
  • solutes
  • South America
  • statistical analysis
  • Tropical
  • tropical forests
  • water
  • watershed management
  • International
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Hydrochemical changes caused by slash-and-burn agricultural practices in a small upland catchment in the central Amazon were measured. Solute concentrations were analysed in wet deposition, overland flow, shallow throughflow, groundwater, and bank seepage in a forested plot (~5 ha) and an adjacent plot (~2 ha) which had been deforested in July 1989 and planted to manioc, and in stream water in partially deforested and forested catchments. Measurements were made from November 1988 to June 1990. The effects of slash-and-burn agricultural practices observed in the experimental plot included increased overland flow, erosion, and large losses of solutes from the rooted zone. Concentrations of NO3-, Na+, K+,

Williams, M. R., T. R. Fisher, and J. M. Melack. 1997. Solute dynamics in soil water and groundwater in a central Amazon catchment undergoing deforestation. Biogeochemistry, v. 38, p. 303-335.