Regrowth of secondary vegetation after the 'Borneo fire' of 1982-1983
Document Type: Journal Article
Author(s): N. Nykvist
Publication Year: 1996

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  • Asia
  • biomass
  • biomass increment
  • Borneo
  • droughts
  • ferns
  • fire case histories
  • forest management
  • grasses
  • herbaceous vegetation
  • Indonesia
  • invasive species
  • leaves
  • mortality
  • plant physiology
  • second growth forests
  • shrubs
  • Southeast Asia
  • trees
  • tropical forests
  • vegetation surveys
  • wildfires
  • wood
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From the text ... 'The severe drought in 1982-1983 in south-east Asia caused wildfires in large areas of Borneo (Malingreau et al. 1985, Riswan & Yusuf 1986). In Sabah, Beaman et al. (1985) estimated that about 1 million ha of forest burned. Woods (1989) found that tree mortality after drought and fire was on average 2.5 times greater than that caused by drought alone and that mortality generally was higher in logged forests than in unlogged ones. He reported that the combined effect of drought and fire caused between 38 and 72% mortality in a forest selectively logged two years earlier. For saplings, the mortality on burnt plots exceeded 78% on all sites (Woods 1989). This paper described the secondary vegetation after the 'Borneo fire' in a lowland rainforest area. Immediately after the fire it was almost devoid of green plants, except for a few surviving large trees which were more or less damaged.' © 1996 Cambridge University Press.

Nykvist, N. 1996. Regrowth of secondary vegetation after the 'Borneo fire' of 1982-1983. Journal of Tropical Ecology, v. 12, p. 307-312.