Fire management guideline, NPS-18
Document Type: Book
Author(s): National Park Service, Natural Resources Division, Fire Management Task Force
Publication Year: 1979

Cataloging Information

  • air quality
  • education
  • fire control
  • fire danger rating
  • fire equipment
  • fire intensity
  • fire management
  • fire management plans
  • fire suppression
  • firefighting personnel
  • health factors
  • human caused fires
  • national parks
  • natural resource legislation
  • presuppression
  • public information
  • site treatments
  • smoke management
  • vegetation surveys
  • wilderness fire management
  • wildfires
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From the text... 'This initial release of these Guidelines reflects the efforts of the Fire Management Task Force and subsequent review by park, regional and WASO staff. It represents the framework of the Service fire management program. The WASO Office of Fire Management, located at the Boise Interagency Fire Center (BIFC), will continue to build on this framework as refinements or additions are developed. This Guideline represents the first compilation of fire program information for the Service in more than a decade. We expect it to undergo considerable refinement over the next year or two until the program stabilizes at an appropriate level of intensity throughout the Service. Constructive criticism is welcomed and should be directed to the Chief of Fire Management.'

Fire Management Task Force. 1979. Fire management guideline, NPS-18. Washington, D.C., Department of the Interior, National Park Service, Natural Resources Division.