Agricultural and silvicultural burning rules
Document Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Florida Department of Pollution Control
Publication Year: 1971

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  • agriculture
  • air quality
  • burning intervals
  • fire management
  • Florida
  • forest management
  • grasses
  • health factors
  • logging
  • marshes
  • pine forests
  • pollution
  • roads
  • rural communities
  • smoke behavior
  • smoke management
  • wildlife
  • wildlife management
  • wood
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From the text...'Agricultural and silvicultural burning restrictions, part of the recently adopted Department of Pollution Control open burning rule, become effective October 1, 1971. The section of the rule relating to burning by agriculture and forestry operations reads: 17-5.05 Agricultural and Silvicultural Fires: (1) Open burning between the hours of 9:00 a.m. (standard time) and one hour before sunset (except fires for cold or frost protection) in connection with agricultural, silvicultural or forestry operations related to the growing, harvesting or maintenance of crops or in connection with wildlife management is allowed, provided that permission is secured from the Division of Forestry of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services prior to burning. The Division of Forestry may allow open burning at other times when there is reasonable assurance that atmospheric and, meteorological conditions in the vicinity of the burning will allow good and proper diffusion and dispersement of air pollutants, and ready control of such fires within the designated boundaries. (2) The Division of Forestry may, or at the request of the Department of Pollution Control the Division of Forestry shall, suspend after reasonable notice any such permission whenever atmospheric or meteorological conditions change so that there is improper diffusion and dispersion of air pollutants, which create a condition deleterious to health, safety, or general welfare, or which obscure visibility of vehicular or air traffic. (3) This section (17-5.05) shall become effective October 1, 1971. According to the Division of Forestry, obtaining permission to burn will not be a complicated procedure. It will require only a telephone call to the local Division of Forestry office or their designated representative. The Division of Forestry dispatcher will keep a log for recording 'permission to burn' requests and he will require: (1) date burning is planned; (2) location; (3) landowner; (4) person responsible; (5) period to be covered by the burning operation; (6) purpose for burning and (7) acreage involved. Persons engaged in land clearing operation, under provisions of the Department of Pollution Control*s open burning rule, must also notify and consult the Division of Forestry prior to any burning that is situated in a rural area or is adjacent to or near forest, grass, woods, wild lands or marshes. Copies of the open burning rule, including the agricultural and silvicultural burning sections. are available upon request to the Department.'

State of Florida, Department of Pollution Control. 1971. Agricultural and silvicultural burning rules. Florida Department of Pollution Control Newsletter, p. 1.