Overview of fire management in lower Keys pine rocklands U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service [abstract]
Document Type: Conference Paper
Author(s): B. Stieglitz
Publication Year: 1998

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  • air quality
  • education
  • fire management
  • Florida
  • fragmentation
  • introduced species
  • Pinus
  • public information
  • rocky habitats
  • smoke management
  • south Florida
  • wildlife
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From the Abstract: 'Fire managers face various problems, including: A. Classic urban interface issues. 1. Endangerment of private property, especially structures. 2. Air quality and smoke management. 3. Loss of cost-effectiveness by managing fire on extremely small parcels. B. Common resource management problems/issues. 1. Why fire? The public is largely ignorant of the need for fire. 2. Insufficient resources to do the job as well as it needs to be done. C. Common South Florida problems/issues. 1. Exotic plants. 2. Arson. D. Keys-specific problems/issues. 1. High level of endemism. 2. Species near limits of respective ranges. 3. Toxic plant life, which when burned compounds smoke management concerns. 4. Older population, which compounds smoke management concerns. 5. Lack of specific knowledge about burning pine rocklands. 6. Public attitudes. a. Distrust of government. b. Ownership without stewardship. 7. High population turnover necessitates frequent re-education.'

Stieglitz, B. 1998. Overview of fire management in lower Keys pine rocklands U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service [abstract], Pine Rocklands Fire Managers Symposium Proceedings, 1998. Miami, FL. The Nature Conservancy [?] and Dade County Environmentally Endangered Lands Program [?],Dade County, FL [?]. p. 6,