Forest fire weather index data - reference manual and station catalogue
Document Type: Book
Author(s): A. J. Simard
Publication Year: 1972

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  • Canada
  • fire control
  • fire management
  • fire protection
  • humidity
  • precipitation
  • sampling
  • season of fire
  • statistical analysis
  • storms
  • temperature
  • wildfires
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From the Introduction:'Research in the field of forest fire protection almost inevitably necessitates a requirement for meteorological data. While many projects utilize on-site observations taken concurrently with the experiment, there also exists a considerable requirement for historical data. More specifically, the recent publication of a new Forest Fire Weather Index has necessitated the gathering of a representative sample of data from across the country for the purpose of calibrating and testing the new index. In addition, an analysis of the use of aircraft for forest fire control was initiated by the Forest Fire Research Institute. For this project, it was decided that a six year sample of weather and fire data would be required as a base for simulating various strategies and tactics involving the use of air-tankers.'

Simard, A. J. 1972. Forest fire weather index data - reference manual and station catalogue. Information Report FF-Y-32. Ottawa, Canadian Forestry Service, Forest Fire Research Institute.