Prescribed burning in pine forests of the Black Hills: final report: Eisenhower Consortium
Document Type: Whole Book
Author(s): D. V. Sandberg ; J. S. Barrows ; J. C. Gibson
Publication Year: 1976

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  • Black Hills
  • computer programs
  • dead fuels
  • fire management
  • fuel models
  • fuel moisture
  • fuel types
  • grasslands
  • humidity
  • moisture
  • pine forests
  • Pinus ponderosa
  • precipitation
  • South Dakota
  • stand characteristics
  • temperature
  • Wyoming
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From the summary:'From the data presented above in the. text, tables, and graph. in appendix and by examination of the computer output, w feel that a substantial number ofsatisfactory days for a prescribed burning program in the Black Hi11s will occur, but only if the. original prescription parameters recommended to us, especially the upper limit on 10-hour timelag fuel moisture, are slightly relaxed. Burning looks most likely to succeed in the month of October, a. this month consistently gave higher numbers of occurrence, other than the summer months of July and August. hay could also provide favorable conditions for burning, but the chances of succeeding seem lest likely. The best 10 day periods for all fuel types and all stations seem to be October 8 to October 17 or October ~.5 to October 27. Burning during the period of May 11 to May 20 seem. possible in fuels similar to NFDR fuel models C and K. In fuels similar to 11W fuel model A (grasslands) the best month seems to be September and the best 10 day period September 28 to October 7 • This is not to say that conditions might. not be favorable at other times of the year, but from our study these period, consistently produced the highest number of days over the entire 10 year period.'

Sandberg, D. V., J. S. Barrows, and J. C. Gibson. 1976. Prescribed burning in pine forests of the Black Hills: final report: Eisenhower Consortium. Fort Collins, CO, College of Forestry & Natural Resources.