Prediction of crown scorch in Pacific Northwest underburns
Document Type: Book
Author(s): G. M. McArthur
Publication Year: 1980

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  • Abies grandis
  • chaparral
  • combustion
  • crown scorch
  • crowns
  • duff
  • experimental fires
  • fire danger rating
  • fire injuries (plants)
  • fire intensity
  • fire management
  • fire size
  • flame length
  • foliage
  • fuel loading
  • fuel management
  • fuel moisture
  • fuel types
  • hardwood forests
  • heat effects
  • Ilex glabra
  • light burning
  • litter
  • mortality
  • overstory
  • partial cutting
  • pine forests
  • Pinus banksiana
  • Pinus clausa
  • Pinus contorta
  • Pinus palustris
  • Pinus resinosa
  • Pinus sylvestris
  • Pinus taeda
  • plant physiology
  • post fire recovery
  • Pseudotsuga menziesii
  • rate of spread
  • scorch
  • seed dormancy
  • Serenoa repens
  • slash
  • statistical analysis
  • temperature
  • Washington
  • wind
  • woody fuels
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From the text: 'The primary objective of this study was to verify the existing relationship for crown scorch prediction, especially with respect to the P.N.W. species. This was to be achieved through secondary objectives: 1. To determine temperature tolerances of foliage of some common P.N.W. tree species, and 2. To develop scorch height data from experimental underburning over a range of conditions.'

McArthur, G. M. 1980. Prediction of crown scorch in Pacific Northwest underburns. Seattle, WA, University of Washington.