Equipment development - who needs it? you do!!
Document Type: Conference Paper
Author(s): F. M. Burbank
Publication Year: 1970

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  • fire control
  • fire equipment
  • fire management
  • fire protection
  • fire suppression
  • firefighting personnel
  • fuel breaks
  • health factors
  • Montana
  • topography
  • US Forest Service
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From the text: 'I want to stress one last point. Equipment developers, such as my organization, need your cooperation in defining or, more importantly, identifying your major problems. You, Fire Control managers, have the field problems which must be solved, not us. Too often we hear, 'The equipment looks good but it won't work in my area.' Or, 'That may solve someone's problem, but not ours.' If this is the case, then please tell us--just what you do need. Contrary to some opinions, we do not just sit on 'cloud nine' and conjure up ideas. The starting point for any of our projects comes from the working level. We need your help. In order for us to be most productive and be of service to the man on the line we must have a good concise description of your problems. We, and again I include the Forest Service and other agencies' development centers, Research, and private manufacturers, have the technical talent and capabilities, the facilities, and the desire to met your needs. But, please, if you are not now using what we have provided in the past, tell us what you need and want.'

Burbank, F. M. 1970. Equipment development - who needs it? you do!!, The Role of Fire in the Intermountain West. Missoula, MT. University of Montana, School of Forestry,[Missoula, MT]. p. 184-194,