Fire management direction
Document Type: Conference Paper
Author(s): R. R. Robinson
Publication Year: 1970

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  • education
  • fire control
  • fire management
  • fire protection
  • fire suppression
  • fuel management
  • logging
  • Massachusetts
  • Montana
  • New England
  • private lands
  • public information
  • range management
  • recreation
  • slash
  • Smokey Bear program
  • soils
  • state forests
  • watershed management
  • wildlife
  • wildlife habitat management
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From the text...'Management today is faced with getting more jobs done at a relatively constant fund level in a period of inflationary costs and growing environmental concern,. this gives rise to the practice known as 'looking at one's hole card.' Management must critically review its objectives, examine its priorities, and search for operational methods which can get a job done better, quicker, easier, and/or cheaper. These might be given the title of trends--either new ones or old ones re-emphasized. there are five rather evident trends in fire management: 1. The increasing use of fire in managing our natural resources; 2. The increasing requirement upon Management for cost/benefit analyses of fire control operations; 3. The concept that fire is a natural component of wilderness; 4. The increasing interest of Management in the adverse effects of some fire control actions on land and resources; and 5.Greater participation of Federal Agencies in State and private protection programs.'

Robinson, R. R. 1970. Fire management direction, The Role of Fire in the Intermountain West. Missoula, MT. University of Montana, School of Forestry,[Missoula, MT]. p. 143-152,