Impacts of fire use on forest ecosystems
Document Type: Conference Paper
Author(s): G. L. Hayes
Publication Year: 1970

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  • Arizona
  • arthropods
  • broadcast burning
  • diseases
  • ecosystem dynamics
  • experimental fires
  • fire injuries (animals)
  • fire injuries (plants)
  • fire management
  • forest management
  • game birds
  • ground cover
  • hardwood forests
  • hydrology
  • insects
  • litter
  • livestock
  • Montana
  • New Mexico
  • nongame birds
  • pine forests
  • Pinus palustris
  • Pinus ponderosa
  • range management
  • seeds
  • slash
  • small mammals
  • soils
  • Washington
  • wildfires
  • wildlife
  • wildlife habitat management
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From the text...'In closing I should emphasize that purposeful use of fire has not yet had much impact on western forest ecosystems. It is rapidly developing an impact on some ponderosa pine lands, however, notably some Indian lands managed by the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Washington and Arizona. It is quite apparent that fire has many additional potential uses in the multiple use management of forests. Its utility will depend in large measure in learning its impacts on ecosystems and learning how to use it to obtain desirable impacts while minimizing undesirable impacts.'

Hayes, G. L. 1970. Impacts of fire use on forest ecosystems, The Role of Fire in the Intermountain West. Missoula, MT. University of Montana, School of Forestry,[Missoula, MT]. p. 99-118,