The state's air pollution control agency's role in forestry smoke control
Document Type: Conference Paper
Author(s): M. M. Lowry
Publication Year: 1977

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  • agriculture
  • air quality
  • burning permits
  • fire protection
  • forest management
  • forest products
  • Georgia
  • health factors
  • land use
  • multiple resource management
  • natural resource legislation
  • pollution
  • rural communities
  • smoke management
  • urban habitats
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From the text: 'The Federal Clean Air Act states '...that the prevention and control of air pollution at its source is the primary responsibility of states and local governments..,' In order to fulfill this responsiility the various states and a number of local governments have adopted legislation and/or rules and reulations limiting he amount of air contaminants that can be discharged into the ambient air. In order for any state to adopt standards for regulating emissions into the atmosphere, sufficient legislation must be enacted by the state's legislative bodies. In most states, as in the State of Georgia, this legislation, that is the State's Air Quality Control Act, takes the form of enabling legislation. That is, the Act does not set any standards but authorizes a given department or agency within the state government to develop, promulgate and enforce those standards needed to achieve the Air Quality goals. This legislation normally sets policy and overall guidance to the authorized state agency for developmnt and enforcement of the standards. In the State of Georgia, the delegated agency for the enforcement of Georgia's Air Quality Act is the Environmental protection Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.'

Lowry, M. M. 1977. The state's air pollution control agency's role in forestry smoke control, Proceedings Fire by Prescription Symposium. Atlanta, GA. USDA Forest Service, Southern Region, Fire Management and USDA Forest Service, Southeastern Area, State & Private Forestry, Cooperative Fire Protection,[Atlanta, GA]. p. 83-85,