Consideration in use of fire by prescriptions for managing visual resources
Document Type: Conference Paper
Author(s): H. Orr
Publication Year: 1977

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  • aesthetics
  • fire control
  • fire management
  • fire protection
  • firebreaks
  • land management
  • landscape ecology
  • smoke effects
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'The control aspects of fire management from the hand raked fireline to the maintained firebreak can produce form, line, color & texture contrasts. Just as these contrasts can produce undesirable results, they can be used productively. It should be obvious by now that anything capable of producing contrast in all visual elements at nearly any distance that deals with treatment of vegetation is an extremely powerful landscape management tool. We need only to consider the possible contrasts of all aspects of our contemplated action with fire and use them to best advantage to: minimize contrasts where they can't be used positively and decide what contrasts in what combinations we can produce for positive value. It can be used to maintain a healthy stand or create a new one. It can reduce lesser vegetation or vastly increase it. It can create infinite variety on a micro and macro scale. Fire is a natural force. Only through mans intervention will it appear not to be. That intervention must be wise if we are to avoid gross errors.'

Orr, H. 1977. Consideration in use of fire by prescriptions for managing visual resources, Proceedings Fire by Prescription Symposium. Atlanta, GA. USDA Forest Service, Southern Region, Fire Management and USDA Forest Service, Southeastern Area, State & Private Forestry, Cooperative Fire Protection,[Atlanta, GA]. p. 43,