Introduction to symposium
Document Type: Conference Paper
Author(s): R. Winkworth
Publication Year: 1977

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  • fire protection
  • prescribed fires (escaped)
  • smoke management
  • wildfires
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From the text: 'My prediction is that it will be necessary, for smoke management purposes, to go to complete regulation by State Forestry Agencies of all prescribed burning in order to save this critical forestry practice in the near future. I can assure you that none of the State Foresters in the South look forward to this as a means of building our empires. It is contrary to our collective philosophies to want to regulate your forest practices. but smoke cannot be managed on a single fire basis. It must be managed as a single pollutant throughout the broad areas of its potential impact, regardless of its source. This means inter-agency management statewide management, and even interstate management, as is practiced now in the Pacific Northwest. There are certainly other agencies which would gladly assume this responsibility. But I believe the State Forestry Agencies are best equipped to offer the lesser of evils to the forestry community. Furthermore, I suggest that it is now time to get on with this job. We realize that much more research is needed. But we had better get started with the best technology we have and catch up as more answers become available. We have already used up most of our time.'

Winkworth, R. 1977. Introduction to symposium, Proceedings Fire by Prescription Symposium. Atlanta, GA. USDA Forest Service, Southern Region, Fire Management and USDA Forest Service, Southeastern Area, State & Private Forestry, Cooperative Fire Protection,[Atlanta, GA]. p. 3,