Silviculture of the minor southern conifers
Document Type: Book
Author(s): L. C. Walker
Publication Year: 1967

Cataloging Information

  • Abies balsamea
  • Abies fraseri
  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • arthropods
  • artificial regeneration
  • Arundinaria tecta
  • backing fires
  • barrens
  • bibliographies
  • Chamaecyparis thyoides
  • cones
  • coniferous forests
  • conifers
  • copper
  • cover
  • cover type
  • cover type conversion
  • crown fires
  • Cupressus arizonica
  • cutting
  • dendrochronology
  • distribution
  • drainage
  • droughts
  • erosion
  • evergreens
  • fire exclusion
  • fire injuries (plants)
  • fire management
  • floods
  • Florida
  • forest management
  • Georgia
  • grazing
  • headfires
  • hydrology
  • insects
  • Juniperus virginiana
  • litter
  • livestock
  • logging
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • mycorrhiza
  • New Jersey
  • North Carolina
  • nutrition
  • Picea rubens
  • Piedmont
  • pine barrens
  • pine forests
  • Pinus clausa
  • Pinus rigida
  • Pinus serotina
  • Pinus strobus
  • Pinus virginiana
  • plant diseases
  • plant growth
  • plant physiology
  • pocosins
  • rate of spread
  • regeneration
  • reproduction
  • roots
  • scrub
  • season of fire
  • seed production
  • seedlings
  • slash
  • small mammals
  • South Carolina
  • south Florida
  • sprouting
  • succession
  • Taxodium distichum
  • thinning
  • trees
  • Tsuga
  • Virginia
  • watershed management
  • wildfires
  • wildlife
  • wind
  • windthrows
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From the Table of Contents: 'Virginia Pine (Growth, Harvest Cutting, Planting, Intermediate Management, Injurious Agents), Sand Pine (Two Races [Big Scrub, West Florida Sandhills], Regeneration, Intermediate Management, Injurious Agents) Pond Pine (Growth Potential, Regeneration, Thinning, Grazing, Fire, Nutrition), Pitch Pine (New Jersey Barrens, Regeneration, Intermediate Management, Southern Appalachians, Harvest Methods, Special Sites [Sand Dunes, Copper Basin], Disease and Insects), Eastern White Pine (Dominance, Roots, Site Index & Site Quality, Regeneration, Intermediate Management, Wataershed Management, Injurious Agents), Spruce-Fir Forests (Regeneration, After Establishment, Injurious Agents), Atlantic White-Cedar (Sites, Regeneration, Intermediate Management), Eastern Redcedar (Ecology, Cover Type Potential for Forestry, Regeneration, Intermediate Management, Injurious Agents, Wildlife Relations), Arizona Cypress (Plantation Establishment, Harvesting, Injurious Agents), Hemlock (Site Influences, Species Influences, Growth Regulating Factors, Establishment, After Establishmet, Watershed Management) Baldcypress (Ring-Counting, Stunted South Florida Trees, Baldcypress Domes, Knees and Buttresses, Establishment, Intermediate Management).'

Walker, L. C. 1967. Silviculture of the minor southern conifers. Bulletin No. 15. Nacogdoches, TX, Stephen F. Austin State College, School of Forestry.