The reduction of the forest fire hazard created by logging slash: a literature review
Document Type: Book
Author(s): W. D. Bennett
Publication Year: 1960

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This review, based on information from 169 references, analyzes the problem presented by logging slash, and its importance. It discusses eight factors which affect the slash hazard, and describes nine methods to abate it. Legislation governing the treatment of slash in Canada, and part of the United States, is presented. Some of the silvicultural effects of slash, and of different methods of its disposal, are discussed. Costs of some slash disposal operations are given. Present research efforts to provide a better understanding of the problem, and how to combat it, are described. The general conclusion is that the slash problem, and its solution, deserve much greater attention than they now receive, particularly in eastern Canada.

Bennett, W. D. 1960. The reduction of the forest fire hazard created by logging slash: a literature review. Technical Report No. 175; Woodlands Research Index No. 117. Montreal, Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada.