Combustion and flames
Document Type: Journal Article
Author(s): H. G. Wolfhard; D. S. Burgess
Publication Year: 1957

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At least 600 papers were published during 1956 which deal with combustion, less than half of which could reasonably be reviewed within the allotted space. Since an arbitrary selection was necessary, the important subject of detonation and shock waves has been omitted entirely; slow oxidation is covered in another review article. In many cases the selection was based on the availability of papers for perusal and is not to be taken as a judgment of merit; the Russian literature is of course poorly covered. A large number of papers deal less with fundamental combustion as such but try to elucidate problems connected with technical applications. We have attempted to recognize this trend in our organization of topics. The 1956 literature includes the Proceedings of the Gas Dynamics Symposium on Aerothermo-chemistry (1) and the second AGARD Combustion Colloquium (2). We have also reviewed those papers of the Sixth Symposium (International) on Coin— bastion (3) which could be personally attended. Attention is also called to the Bunsen Society meeting in October, 1956 (4) and to three published treatises (5, 6, 7).

Wolfhard, H. G., and D. S. Burgess. 1957. Combustion and flames. Annual Review of Physical Chemistry, v. 8, p. 389-411.