Control of brush and undesirable trees: II: equipment for mechanical brush clearing
Document Type: Journal Article
Author(s): A. W. Sampson; A. M. Schultz
Publication Year: 1956

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  • Artemisia
  • brush
  • clearcutting
  • cutting
  • fire equipment
  • land management
  • Missouri
  • Prosopis
  • site treatments
  • trees
  • woody plants
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From the text... 'Large-scale efforts to control undesirable woody species has awaited mass production of machinery to do the job effectively and economically. Our modern age of large-scale operations tends to overlook, however, that many small-scale efforts using homemade hand tools, might do the same job more effectively and more economically. Time and personal convenience are the main differences between the two. Both types of equipment are discussed in this section. The equipment is briefly described and illustrated with photographs or drawings wherever possible. The comparative advantages and limitations of each piece are enumerated and, so far as possible, the approximate costs per acre for certain stipulated conditions are cited. Except when specifically discussed, it will be assumed that for larger vegetation, heavier peices of equipment would be used.'

Sampson, A. W., and A. M. Schultz. 1956. Control of brush and undesirable trees: II : equipment for mechanical brush clearing. Unasylva, v. 10, no. 3, p. 117-129.