Federal wildland fire management policy and program review: implementation action plan report: May 23, 1996
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Author(s): US Department of Agriculture
Publication Year: 1996

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From the text...'The Federal Wildland Fire Policy Review (Policy Review) directly affects only Department of Agriculture and Interior agencies. However, it significantly, although indirectly, affects local, State, and Tribal governments as well as other Federal partners. Every effort has been and will be made to consider both the direct and indirect effects of Policy Review implementation. The Federal Fire and Aviation Leadership Council (Leadership Council) established an Action Plan Development Team, which provided a repot of the requirements outlined in the Implementation Strategy. The Leadership Council conducted independent reviews of the Action Plan Development Team's report to refine recommendations based on review by internal staff, the Federal Fire and Aviation Leadership Council, and Federal Geographical Area Coordinating Group representatives. These reviews culminated in a finalized draft Action Plan Report. In addition to the March 1996 Leadership Council meeting, the first national interagency meeting of Regional/State/Area-level fire program management personnel from all the Federal wildland management agencies was held. At this meeting, the group began an employee education process, initiated an implementation strategy, validated findings of the draft Action Plan, and began to develop ownership of the Policy Review at this level of the organizations. Action items were organized as follows: Action items to be implemented immediately at the Geographic Area Coordinating Group level. These action items were reviewed by Federal fire program management personnel in a Federal interagency, intergeographical mix, resulting in draft implementation strategies. It was noted that there may be action items Federal agencies could implement but which may adversely affect State agencies due to legal or budgetary constraints. Whether all the identified action items are immediately implementable will not be known until the Federal representatives meet with their Geographic Area Coordinating Group partners to finalize the implementation plans. Action items that will require a long-term commitment. There are several action items that can be partially implemented, but further work is required for complete implementation; others will require long-term agency commitment in terms of funding and FTE. The approaches range from having two or three specialists involved to assigning larger task groups to do further analysis and develop actions. A few action items are dependent on others being completed. Action items that relate to the Interagency Mangement Review Team. Several action items are closely related to items that are being completed under the Interagency Mangement Review Team effort. These and related Interagency Management Review Team actions have been identified in the section titled 'Fire Policy Action Items that Relate to the Interagency Management Review Team.'

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U.S. Department of Agriculture, and U.S. Department of Agriculture. 1996. Federal wildland fire management policy and program review: implementation action plan report: May 23, 1996. Boise, ID, National Interagency Fire Center, Office of External Affairs.