Leaf area dynamics of a boreal black spruce fire chronosequence
Document Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Ben Bond-Lamberty; Chuankuan Wang; Stith Thomas Gower; J. M. Norman
Publication Year: 2002

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  • age sequence
  • black spruce
  • boreal forest
  • Canada
  • jack pine
  • LAI - leaf area index
  • Picea mariana
  • Pinus banksiana
  • Populus tremuloides
  • specific leaf area
  • trembling aspen
  • understory
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Specific leaf area (SLA) and leaf area index (LAI) were estimated using site-specific allometric equations for a boreal black spruce (Picea mariana) fire chronosequence in northern Manitoba, Canada. Stands ranged from 3 to 131 years in age and had soils that were categorized as well or poorly drained. The goals of the study were to: (i) measure SLA for the dominant tree and understorey species of boreal black spruce-dominated stands, and examine the effect of various biophysical conditions on SLA; and (ii) examine leaf area dynamics of both understorey and overstorey for well- and poorly drained stands in the chronosequence. Overall, average SLA values for black spruce (n=215), jack pine (Pinus banksiana, n=72) and trembling aspen (Populus tremuloides, n=27) were 5.82+or-1.91, 5.76+or-1.91 and 17.42+or-2.21 m2 kg-1, respectively. Foliage age, stand age, vertical position in the canopy and soil drainage had significant effects on SLA. Black spruce dominated overstorey LAI in the older stands. Well-drained stands had significantly higher overstorey LAI (P<0.001), but lower understorey LAI (P=0.022), than poorly drained stands. Overstorey LAI was negligible in the recent (3-12 years old) burn sites and highest in the 70-year-old burn site (6.8 and 3.0 in the well- and poorly drained stands, respectively), declining significantly (by 30-50%) from this peak in the oldest stands. Understorey leaf area represented a significant portion (>40%) of total leaf area in all stands except the oldest.

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Bond-Lamberty, Ben; Wang, Chuankuan; Gower, Stith T.; Norman, J.M. 2002. Leaf area dynamics of a boreal black spruce fire chronosequence. Tree Physiology 22(14):993-1001.