Dark island heath (Ninety-Mile Plain, South Australia)
Document Type: Journal Article
Author(s): R. L. Specht; P. Rayson; M. E. Jackman
Publication Year: 1958

Cataloging Information

  • aborigines
  • age classes
  • Australia
  • Banksia
  • biomass
  • calcium
  • Casuarina
  • competition
  • droughts
  • erosion
  • fire adaptations (plants)
  • fire frequency
  • fire management
  • fire resistant plants
  • germination
  • heathlands
  • Leptospermum
  • light
  • lightning caused fires
  • litter
  • manganese
  • minerals
  • moisture
  • mortality
  • nitrogen
  • nutrient cycling
  • phosphorus
  • plant communities
  • plant growth
  • post fire recovery
  • regeneration
  • seedlings
  • shrubs
  • soil organisms
  • southern Australia
  • succession
  • understory vegetation
  • wind
  • Xanthorrhoea
  • xeric soils
  • International
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The dynamic changes in the composition, dry weight, and mineral nutrient status of heath following fire have been investigated.© CSIRO

Specht, R. L., P. Rayson, and M. E. Jackman. 1958. Dark island heath (Ninety-Mile Plain, South Australia). Australian Journal of Botany, v. 6, p. 59-88.