Influences of timber harvesting and residue management on big game
Document Type: Conference Paper
Author(s): L. J. Lyon; J. V. Basile
Publication Year: 1979

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  • broadcast burning
  • Cervus elaphus
  • clearcutting
  • Colorado
  • coniferous forests
  • cover
  • disturbance
  • forage
  • forest management
  • habitat suitability
  • habits and behavior
  • hunting
  • Idaho
  • logging
  • Montana
  • mosaic
  • population ecology
  • post fire recovery
  • roads
  • slash
  • species diversity (plants)
  • succession
  • threatened and endangered species (animals)
  • Ursus horribilis
  • Utah
  • wildlife habitat management
  • Wyoming
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Road construction and timber harvesting displace elk and grizzly bears at least temporarily. Elk sometimes accept logging disturbances, but usually do not return until harvesting ends. Increased contact between grizzly bears and humans is undesirable. Logging slash may increase cover, but normally only obstructs animal movement. Broadcast burning produces more food plants for both elk and grizzly bears than other slash treatments. Although increased vehicle traffic adversely affects elk and grizzly bears, road closures should be carefully planned to achieve specific results. Development of post logging big game habitat is a long-term process involving complex and dynamic relationships, not merely forage production. Elk, grizzly bears, and other big game require year-around habitat that satisfies daily and seasonal needs.

Lyon, L. J., and J. V. Basile. 1979. Influences of timber harvesting and residue management on big game, Symposium Proceedings Environmental Consequences of Timber Harvesting in Rocky Mountain Coniferous Forests. Missoula, MT. USDA Forest Service, Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station,Ogden, UT. p. 441-453,General Technical Report INT-90.