Complete Interagency FRCC Guide Book
Document Type: Report
Author(s): Wendel J. Hann; Douglas W. Havlina; Ayn Shlisky
Publication Year: 2005

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  • FRCC - Fire Regime Condition Class
  • landscape assessment
  • NIFTT - National Interagency Fuels Technology Transfer
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The Fire Regime Condition Class (FRCC) Standard Landscape Worksheet Method and Mapping Method provide tools for fire, vegetation, and fuels assessment and management at both the landscape and stand levels. These methods are used to described general landscape fire regime and vegetation-fuel characteristics. Estimates of these characteristic are calculated for comparison with estimates of natural fire regime reference values.

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Hann, Wendel, Havlina, Doug, Shlisky, Ayn, et al. 2005. Complete Interagency FRCC Guide Book. Interagency and The Nature Conservancy Fire Regime Condition Class Website. USDA Forest Service, US Department of the Interior, The Nature Conservancy, and Systems for Environmental Management [}

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