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Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Martin E. Alexander; Dennis Quintilio
Publication Date: 1990

This paper offers some insights into the field approach to conducting experimental forest fires based on two decades of experience dealing with a wide variety of fuel types, burning conditions, and resultant fire behavior. The practical aspects involved in designing a study area for an experimental burning project and its successful execution are considered as well as the methods used in the measurement of physical fire characteristics, fuel properties, and fire weather elements. On the basis of this review, several impressions emerge about the possible future requirements and emphasis in outdoor forest fire behavior research involving naturally occurring fuel complexes. Finally, the conclusion is reached that there can be no substitute for actual 'hands-on' experience in observing experimental fires as a basis for understanding the behavior of free-burning fires in the forest environment resulting from planned or accidental ignitions.

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Citation: Alexander, Martin E.; Quintilio, Dennis. 1990. Perspectives on experimental fires in Canadian forestry research. Mathematical and Computer Modelling 13(12):17-26.

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  • coniferous forests
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  • ROS - rate of spread
  • study design
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