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Type: Book Chapter
Author(s): J. H. McAndrews
Editor(s): B. Huntley; T. Webb
Publication Date: 1988


Citation: McAndrews, J. H. 1988. Human disturbance of North American forests and grasslands: the fossil pollen record, in B Huntley and T Webb, III eds., Vegetation history. Boston, MA, Kluwer Academic, p. Excerpt.

Cataloging Information

Aquatic    Climate    Fire Behavior    Fire Ecology    Fire History    Fuels    Mapping
  • aborigines
  • agriculture
  • archaeological sites
  • Betula
  • biogeography
  • British Columbia
  • Canada
  • distribution
  • disturbance
  • European settlement
  • forest fragmentation
  • fossils
  • fuel types
  • grasslands
  • grazing
  • Guatemala
  • herbaceous vegetation
  • histories
  • introduced species
  • lakes
  • land use
  • livestock
  • logging
  • Mexico
  • Native Americans
  • Ontario
  • paleoecology
  • pine
  • pollen
  • population density
  • Populus
  • presettlement vegetation
  • Quercus
  • shrubs
  • succession
  • trees
  • Washington
  • weeds
  • Zea mays
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