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Type: Conference Proceedings
Editor(s): Charles W. Slaughter; Richard J. Barney; George M. Hansen
Publication Date: 1971

Gives the texts of 23 papers: Principles of fire ecology and fire management in relation to the Alaskan environment (E. V. Komarek; 37 ref.]; Erosion, soil properties, and revegetation following a severe burn in the Colorado Rockies (W. D. Striffler and E. W. Mogren; 41 ref.); Effects of fire and fire control on soil and water relations in northern forests-a preliminary review (D. J. Sykes; 41 ref.); Effects of fire in the taiga on the environment (F. B. Lotspeich and E. W. Mueller); Wildfires in Alaska-some historical and projected effects and aspects (R. J. Barney; 17 ref.); The natural role of fire in northern conifer forests (M. L. Heinselman; 5 ref.); Fire in park management (J. E. Hoffman); National Park Service fire policy in national parks and monuments (R. G. Prasil); Effects of forest fire smoke on tourism in Mount McKinley National Park, Alaska (I. D. Miller); Fire effects and rehabilitation methods-Swanson/Russian Rivers fires (J. B. Hakala et al; 2 ref.); Effects of fire and fire control methods in interior Alaska (S. DeLeonardis; 5 ref.); Catline rehabilitation and restoration (R. Bolstad) [describes tests of several techniques to prevent erosion on bulldozed firelines on permafrost and non-permafrost soils]; A short history of the fire weather service and the 'Federal plan for a national fire weather service' (H. L. Swift); A relationship between national fire danger rating system spread index and time-of-day in interior Alaska (N. V. Noste; 8 ref.); Bureau of Land Management computerized fire-danger rating system (A. L. Comiskey) [describes the method of producing a complete firedanger-rating package, including isoline maps, in Alaska, and its dissemination to users within 4 hours of observation time]; Weather modification-a fire control tool (W. J. Douglas) [describes trials in Alaska showing that cloud seeding can be effectively used to control fires under suitable meteorological conditions]; Background, practice, and potential of chemicals in controlling wildfires (A. R. Handleman; 12 ref.); Values protected in interior Alaska (J. H. Richardson) [describes the BLM's fire control policies and system of priorities, and presents cost/benefit graphs for fire control in Alaska); WhiteSpruce stringers in a fire-patterned landscape in interior Alaska (W. A. Quirk and D. J. Sykes; 9 ref.) [a study of the factors that have kept 'stringers' i.e. isolated patches of mature Picea glauca, fire-free for over 200 years in an area where severe fires occur every 40 to 60 years]; Effects of some intensive forest management practices on White Spruce ecosystems in interior Alaska (K. Van Cleve; 12 ref.); Fire, vegetation, soil and barren-ground caribou relations in northern Canada (G. W. Scotter; 54 ref.); Natural regeneration of interior Alaska forests-seed, seedbed, and vegetative reproduction considerations (J. C. Zasada; 34 ref.) [an account based on the literature]; A summation of 'fire in the northern environment' and a suggestion for a cooperative ecological experiment station (E. V. Komarek; 7 ref.). A panel discussion on fire and resources in the subarctic is also reported.

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Citation: Slaughter, Charles W.; Barney, Richard J.; Hansen, George M. 1971. Proceedings of Fire in the Northern Environment - A Symposium, April 13-14, 1971, Fairbanks, AK. Portland, OR: USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Forest and Range Experiment Station. 275 p.

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