Pesticides released from burning treated wood
Document Type: Journal Article
Author(s): C. K. McMahon; H. B. Clements; P. B. Bush; D. G. Neary; J. W. Taylor
Publication Year: 1985

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  • air quality
  • combustion
  • combustion chambers
  • herbicides
  • insecticides
  • pesticides
  • Quercus michauxii
  • trees
  • wood
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Demands for firewood are high and rising, and pesticide-treated trees are often an obvious source. Worning intervals/ground fires/Understory vegetation/litter/sampling/age classes/statistical analysis/population ecology/fire suppression © by the Society of American Foresters. Abstract reproduced by permission.

McMahon, C. K., H. B. Clements, P. B. Bush, D. G. Neary, and J. W. Taylor. 1985. Pesticides released from burning treated wood. Proceedings of the Conference on Fire and Forest Meteorology, v. 8, p. 145-152.