Aerial ignition: ping pong balls
Document Type: Conference Paper
Author(s): J. W. Gnann
Compiler(s): D. D. Wade
Publication Year: 1985

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  • aerial ignition
  • aerial ignition device
  • dispenser
  • firing techniques
  • ignition
  • K - potassium
  • mortality
  • Pacific Forest Research Center
  • site preparation burn
  • smoke management
  • spotting
  • wildlife
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Aerial ignition using plastic spheres (similar to ping-pong balls) charged with potassium permanganate activated by ethylene glycol and dropped from a low flying helicopter is a proven system to safely prescribe burn large areas in a short time for rough reduction and site preparation without causing significant direct mortality to wildlife.

Gnann, J. W. 1985. Aerial ignition: ping pong balls, in Wade, D. D., Prescribed fire and smoke management in the south: conference proceedings. Atlanta, GA. USDA Forest Service, Southeastern Forest Experiment Station,Asheville, NC. p. 87-93,