Fire Regimes and Ecosystem Properties: Proceedings of the Conference
Document Type: Conference Proceedings
Author(s): Harold A. Mooney; Thomas M. Bonnicksen; Norman L. Christensen Jr.; James E. Lotan; William A. Reiners
Publication Year: 1981

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  • ecosystem function
  • fire regimes
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This volume is one of a series of contributions from different countries to an international 'project' on the ecological effects of fire. Its appearance is opportune for it comes at a time of remarkable change in attitudes to fire on the part of ecologists and land managers. Fire is perhaps the most ancient tool by which man has exerted a widespread influence on vegetation, but not unnaturally the destructive effects of uncontrolled fire have been greatly feared and much effort has been devoted to fire prevention. Recently, however, there has been increasing realization that natural, lightning-induced fire has been, in many parts of the world, a recurrent influence in the development of the vegetation, and that man may store up trouble for himself by its elimination.

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Mooney, Harold A.; Bonnicksen, T.M.; Christensen Jr., Norman L.; Lotan, James E.; Reiners, William A. 1981. Fire Regimes and Ecosystem Properties: Proceedings of the Conference. General Technical Report WO-GTR-26. Dec 11, 1978. Washington, D.C: USDA Forest Service.